We are a full service Building Contractor, with licenses in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have been building custom homes and additions for clients in the greater Attleboro and Rhode Island area for 25 Years. Over the years we have built hundreds of projects ranging from a simple family room addition, an octagon shaped house, to the complete demolition and renovation of a multi unit apartment building.

We contract from the design to the completion of all types of family rooms and garage additions, to the building of signature Custom Homes.

We are fully licensed and insured to do work in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Custom Homes & Additions


We can build your dream home for you! Whether you have a complete set of plans or just some rough ideas, Fricot Building can help. We have many satisfied customers who found out just how easy and satisfying it was to let us build their dream!

Using our state of the art CAD software, we will take your ideas and dreams, put them on the computer, and create a complete design package, including plans, drawings and materials. We will review the design with you and make any modifications until it you are happy and your budget is met. We will ensure that your home design will meet the exacting criteria of the latest building codes and is engineered to last. All our designs are engineered to meet strict energy conservation guidelines, which will save you thousands of dollars in energy costs during the life of the structure.

We will help you select the materials best suited to your budget for your home; from the foundation to the roof, and everything in between. We have agreements with local suppliers to help you select everything from the hardwood flooring and carpeting to the kitchen appliances. We even work with local craftsmen who can produce custom kitchen cabinetry or other built-in furniture if you desire!

After the design is complete and the materials are selected, we will take it from there. You can sit back and relax knowing that all of the details of creating your new living space are being taken care of by experts; from the site preparation, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, and complete interior. We do it all. We take care of the building permits, the inspections, and the attention to detail that is required to pull it all together. We will keep you informed throughout the process so there are no scheduling or budget suprises.

When we are done, your home is in “move in” condition. We always leave the site neat and clean, and will work with the landscaping contractor to make sure that you will have a beautiful yard to complete your brand new living space. Fricot Building takes the stress out of creating your dream home!

The Contract


You can always be sure that your relationship with Fricot Building is highly professional and that your rights as a consumer will be honored. We always require a completed contract be agreed to and signed for your protection. This document helps ensure that both parties know and understand what is expected, what it will cost, and how long it will take. Take a look at a Sample Contract
* to see how comprehensive and thorough it is.

Changes to the Project

No matter how complete the original plans are, there is always the possibility of change. You may have a better idea or learn of a newer, better product that you would like used in your home, or maybe you need to change the schedule a couple of weeks. Stuff happens! The trick is to manage the change without affecting the cost of the project. At Fricot Building, we have been there and know how to deal with changes. For instance, check out our  Sample Change Order
* to see how we document and provide a mechanism for administering the inevitable change.