About Us

Fricot Building & Remodeling Inc. was incorporated in the fall of 1983, as a full service building and remodeling company.
It is owned and operated by Gerry and Maryellen Fricot. Their son Bryan has also become a member of the team and is currently working on his degree in Architectural Building at New England Institute of Technology.

License and Registration Numbers:

We are fully insured and licensed in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Massachusetts Construction Supervisor (CSL) #005678

Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) #101470

Rhode Island Registration #1107

The History of Fricot Building & Remodeling

Fricot Building & Remodeling, Inc. (FB & R) was founded in 1983 as a full-service building and remodeling contracting company. Gerry Fricot, President and CEO of FB & R, had wanted to build houses since he was a child. Upon completing a 4-year home construction course at a Technical High School that taught him the necessary skills of carpentry, drafting, blueprint reading, and construction design, he worked for a local contractor for 8 years before opening family-owned and operated Fricot Building & Remodeling, Inc. The business quickly grew from doing small kitchen and bath remodeling jobs to home additions, then to new home construction, both custom-built and on speculation. FB & R has built several high-profile projects over the years, gaining attention within the building industry for its ability to complete complicated and visually appealing projects. To date, FB &R has built more than 100 homes across Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, as well as a multitude of home expansion projects, such as garages and family room additions.

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More Than Just a Construction Company…

The construction industry is always changing. FB & R employees regularly attend local building seminars to keep abreast of the many new materials and techniques that are used to build today’s new homes. Fricot Building and Remodeling is a participant in the Energy Star Program, a nonprofit program that promotes the building of energy efficient homes. FB &R has been certified as an Energy Crafted Home Builder since 1991.

With our computer-aided drafting and design programs, we are able to design projects in-house, for a faster turnaround time and at a lower cost to our clients. From home additions to complete custom designed homes, we can create your dream project from scratch, or modify your existing plans to any specifications. And, we don’t stop there…we are certified in interior design to help you make the inside of your home as attractive as the outside.

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If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It…

In November 1987, Fricot Building & Remodeling, Inc. was contracted to build an unusual custom home for a client — one that no other local contractor or modular home builder was willing to attempt. The home was a large octagonal-shaped Contemporary Ranch with a drive-under garage. It had a very complicated roof line, and featured cathedral ceilings. FB & R accepted the challenge and built this showcase home, which is set on a rustic site in the woods of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Once completed, the house received a wide range of attention from both the media and the local building community.

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Quality, Service and Commitment to Our Community…

At Fricot Building & Remodeling Company, our mission is to build projects of the highest quality. Our team of skilled craftsmen, will always deliver the highest building standards that our clients have come to expect. We will complete your project in a cost-efficient and timely manner — and always within your budget.

Additionally, FB & R believes in, and promotes the highest level of ethical standards and integrity throughout our network of suppliers and specialty subcontractors.

We take tremendous pride in the contributions we make toward the quality of life within our local communities. Having become recognized leaders in our field, we consider it equally important to be leaders in our community. We achieve this through active corporate and personal involvement where we live and work. We have been instrumental
in making community projects happen, such as a municipal playground, a play area at a local preschool, and a new roof at an area shelter for battered women.

These high standards have been the foundation of Fricot Building & Remodeling Company for 20 years. In an age of rapid advances and startling technology, home building continues to be as much an art as a science — an industry in which the final product is formed not by machinery, but by hand, in a time-honored tradition. That’s
why the talents, caring and start-to-finish involvement of the Fricot Building & Remodeling Company are so essential to the quality of your next building project!